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November 2018
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DVLL Closing Ceremonies
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Posted by: Gavin @ 10:35 am

Deer Valley Little League held their closing ceremonies last night.  They first announced the Minor division league winners and then the minor division Tournament winners.  In both cases the team finishing up in first place was the Nationals with Anthony Romayo managing the team.  Then they announced the Major division league winners and then the tournament winners.  In this case it was our own Giants accepting both of these awards.  Tyler went up with his team and received his league winning trophy and tournament winning medal for his part in this team.  We have some crude pictures and when I get some time I hope to put some of these up on the site.

Then came the announcement of All Stars.  The first division to be named was the Minor division All Stars.  They named all 32 players nominated to the All Star pool plus two Minor division players that played up in the Major division this year.  All 34 players lined up on the third base line including our Tyler.  All of these players were awarded a Deer Valley Little League All Star t-shirt for being nominated to this pool of players.  Then came the announcement of the thirteen All Stars and first was Tyler Abrego.  We are so proud of his accomplishments this year.  He worked his way past the other kids and started to head to the pitchers mound where they were to gather but first he needed to collect his Deer Valley All Star ballcap.  He shook the hands of the President and Vice President of the League, received his cap and headed out to the mound.  Once there he looked down at his cap and shifted his trophy, shirt and cap to one hand as he removed his Giant hat and donned the DV All Star cap with a big smile on his face.  They continued listing off the twelve remaining players and we will get to know them, but as of now we only know a couple.  Keith Novak and Tiler Sadowski made the team as well and Anthony Romayo was announced as the teams Manager. 

Next they announced the nominees for the 11 year old All Stars and Major division All Stars.  The eleven year olds lined up on the third base line and the twelve year olds lined up on the first base line.  From our Giants, David Fitzgerald, Harley Bliss and Brandon (Brando) Le Bueff were announced as eleven year old nominees and Daniel Pelton, John Patinella and Wesley Sutton were announced as the twelve year old nominees.  They too were awarded the t-shirts for being nominated to the All Star pool.  The first team they announced was the 11 year old All Stars.  This team included the Giants Harley Bliss and David Fitzgerald.  Congratulations boys on a great achievement and year so far.  Keep up the great work in the 11 All Stars and we hope for a long run for you.

Next they announced the Major division All Stars.  This is the team that could go all the way to the Little League World Series if they perform well together.  From the team they announced, it looks like a tough, really tough team and we hope them all the best and can’t wait to go out and see them play too in our spare time.  This team included the announcements of the Giants very own, Brando, Wesley Sutton and long ball hitter with eight home runs on the season, John Patinella.  Along with these three were many others that we have grown to know as exceptional ball players and friends including Steven Myers, Tommy Ley, Gian Mendoza, Nick Giannini, Tyler Thomas, Ross Brown, Hunter Young, Josh Fogerlie, Taylor Hart and Brook Weathersby. 

We’re all kind of stunned at a couple of choices to this team and one very large omission.  Daniel Pelton played extremely well this year and we truly believe he has better skills than one of the chosen thirteen.  We don’t know how this error has occurred but you are an All Star Daniel, you are definitely an All Star.

Congratulations to all of the kids that were chosen and good luck to you all on a long run in the tournaments and new experiences of a lifetime.  Enjoy and have fun.

After all of this last night, Tyler received another t-shirt from his coach, Dave Sutton.  This t-shirt was a gift to the team from the coaches and it had Deer Valley Little League Major Division Champion emblazoned on the front and Giants across the top of the back with all of the player’s and coaches listed below it on the back.  Tyler threw this on as soon as he received it and wore it with pride last night.  Congratulations Tyler.  We are so proud of you.

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