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November 2018
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Tournament Time
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Posted by: Gavin @ 12:16 pm

It’s tournament time.  The District 2 Little League All Star games begin tonight but our Deer Valley All Star teams don’t play until tomorrow night. The minors are scheduled to face the West End All Stars to start the tournament while the Major boys take on Village Meadows immediately following our game.  Our minor division All Star team looks solid.  This is a strong team where most of the players can hit the ball and then turn around and field it cleanly making solid plays for the outs. 


This team is made up of a couple of kids that play club ball who also played up in the Majors this year.  They are our Tyler Abrego and Tiler Sadowski.  The other players that round out this strong team are definitely all stars of the Minor division and include Vincent Dempsey, Bart Diehl, Matt Hodgson, Gage Leighty, Brian Linhardt, Devin McCarville, Austin Mette, Keith Nowak, Ryan Romayo, Collin Russell and Ryan Sorenson (I must apologize for any name miss spellings - I’ve done my best here).


I like what I have seen in practice.  They have come together quickly and gelled as a team.  They already are cheering for each other and supporting each other which is great to see.  The team chemistry seems to be really strong too.  We have solid pitching with Tyler leading the way.  In fact, one of the strongest statements I’ve heard about our team  was in reference to someone talking about other teams having nine, ten or more club ball players on their team where we only have two, “Yea, but you have Tyler pitching!”  Dave Sutton, the Giants Major’s coach made this statement at our end of season party.  That was a huge compliment I thought for Tyler and this All Star team.  But I also like the way the kids play.  Most of them hustle each and every play, on and off the field, have great attitudes toward the game and really appear to enjoy and love the game.  The heart this team has appears to be huge at this point.


It’s early yet and as I always say, “You have to play the game to determine a winner.  Any team can win on any given day.”  I’m ready for the games to begin.  In fact, I’m going to miss Tyler’s All Star practice tonight to do some scouting of West End and Sidewinder who play each other tonight.  We play West End tomorrow night and Tyler is slated to go off against Sidewinder Friday night.  We then play Goodyear Saturday night and the Buckeye All Stars Wednesday July 5th.  Of these teams, we all feel that Sidewinder will be our toughest opponent in this pool.  This is why Tyler is waiting a day to make his start and then he will be fresh and ready to go again Wednesday against Buckeye.


If we seed in the top two spots of our pool, the Deer Valley All Stars will advance to the single elimination tournament that begins Saturday July 8.  But we have to wait and see.  Thanks for stopping by our corner of the web.  I’ll try to keep this page updated with daily scores and highlights time permitting.  I wish I could take a leave of absence for the next month and just go play baseball, update this site and write.  But I haven’t won the lottery yet.  So our days are filled with work and our nights are filled with baseball and softball.  So until next time, stay safe, get lots of rest and I’ll be typing at you later.

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